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Program for Support of Student Retention (PAPFE)

Until 2022, PAPFE, the Program for Support of Student Retention consisted of various aids (retention, meals, books, transportation) that were requested separately, with different periods of validity, making management difficult. The aids have been unified. Starting in 2023, the modalities are as follows: a grant of R$ 800 plus free access to university restaurants for those who do not use student housing; for those living in student housing on different campuses, they receive R$ 300 and free access to the restaurants.

Furthermore, previously, the maximum duration for the aids was 24 months. From now on, the aid will be granted for the expected duration of the course, considering the time required for conclusion. Additionally, every student granted the Retention Aid is guaranteed free access to university restaurants, eliminating the need for meal assistance.

As part of the reformulation of PAPFE, a differentiation between aids and scholarships was also made. Students with aids will be eligible for scholarships to enhance their academic training, such as the Unified Scholarship Program, known as PUB, for scientific initiation. This way, students with greater socioeconomic vulnerability will not miss out on opportunities to invest in their academic development.

Finally, the process of change – approved by the Council for Inclusion and Belonging and consolidated in Resolution No. 8360 of December 22, 2022, and in GR Order No. 7862 of December 22, 2022 – involved participatory stages, including a public hearing held on November 30, 2022. The New PAPFE is implemented.

PAPFE Program Tutorial (video in portuguese)


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Prof. Dr. Antônio Fernandes Costa Lima – 29/05/2023 a 26/05/2025

Prof. Dr. Divane de Vargas – 29/05/2023 a 26/05/2025

Representantes do Departamento ENC
Prof.ª Dr.ª Angela Maria Geraldo Pierin (Titular) 11/09/2023 a 10/09/2026
Prof.ª Dr.ª Maria de Fatima Fernandes Vattimo (Suplente) 11/09/2023 a 10/09/2026

Representantes do Departamento ENO
Prof.ª Dr.ª Patricia Campos Pavan Baptista (Titular) 11/09/2023 a 10/09/2026
Prof.ª Dr.ª Valéria Marli Leonello (Suplente) 11/09/2023 a 10/09/2026

Representantes do Departamento ENP
Prof.ª Dr.ª Maiara Rodrigues dos Santos (Titular) – 07/02/2022 a 06/02/2025
Prof.ª Dr.ª Caroline Figueira Pereira (Suplente) – 07/02/2022 a 06/02/2025

Representantes do Departamento ENS
Prof.ª Dr.ª Suely Itsuko Ciosak (Titular) 11/09/2023 a 10/09/2026
Prof. Dr. Alfredo Almeida Pina de Oliveira (Suplente) 11/09/2023 a 10/09/2026

Representantes da Congregação (5º Membro)
Prof.ª Dr.ª Renata Eloah de Lucena Ferretti-Rebustini (Titular) – 15/10/2021 a 14/10/2024
Prof.ª Dr.ª Maria Amélia de Campos Oliveira (Suplente) – 15/10/2021 a 14/10/2024

Representante Discente
Thamires de Oliveira Rocha (Titular) – 06/02/2023 a 05/02/2024
Jéssica Garcia (Suplente) – 06/02/2023 a 05/02/2024

– mandato dos membros: 3 anos – permitida a recondução
– mandato dos Representantes Discentes da Pós-Graduação: 1 ano